I don't have a IIIF server - can I still use pb-facsimile?

Even if you do not have a IIIF server at your disposal, you can still use pb-facsimile to display static images hosted either in your local TEI Publisher instance or on an external webserver. Key is to set the attribute type="image" on pb-facsimile and provide the correct base URI for resolving image links. For an example, we may use the static images used by TEI Publisher on the main start page (e.

How can I figure out the correct IIIF link to an image?

To correctly connect TEI Publisher’s <pb-facsimile> component with a IIIF server, it’s best to first try in the browser and access one image you know should exist. For any image, the first thing the IIIF viewer requests from the server is the info.json containing metadata about the image. You should thus find out how to access this info.json for the image on your server. For example, the TEI Publisher demo loads the facsimile images for the Shakespeare from an URL as follows: