This chapter gathers FAQ entries related to issues not covered in other categories.

Proxy and URL encoding

If eXist-db is hosted behind a proxy you might encounter issues with the API. Instead of the desired content you get “the server did not return any content” and several 404 errors on the console. You have to tell the proxy to avoid decoding the query prameters: nginx location / { proxy_pass http://host/webapp$request_uri; } Apache Use ‘nocanon’ option with ProxyPass and ‘AllowEncodedSlashes’ directive See https://stackoverflow.

Page view doesn't work

Displaying documents page by page requires that page breaks are encoded. In TEI you are expected to explicitly place pb elements where each page begins. Please note that certain vocabularies, like DocBook, do not recognize the concept of a page at all, so page view cannot possibly work for these.

Why does my document show 'server did not return any content' error message?

Please bear in mind that while TEI Publisher aims to be a universal tool, the specific components may make certain assumptions about data they are getting and if your documents do not follow the same encoding conventions it may be required to adjust parameters passed to the components from the page template - or add required information in the document. For example - table of content component assumes that the document structure is represented by means of nested div elements and section titles are given in the head element.

How do I log in to TEI Publisher?

On a fresh install, TEI Publisher creates a user tei with a password simple. It also creates another user tei-demo with a password demo, who can upload documents into the Playground collection. You can change these passwords (and it is strongly recommended to do so, if your eXist instance runs on a server and would be accessible to other users). When generating your own application, the generator form requires you to fill in a user and password for the new application.